June 20, 2019

NutriSci – Golf Recovery

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NutriSci, the winning formula in lifestyle nutrition has been formulated, developed and manufactured in Ireland to suit all disciplines, strengths and abilities. The entire range of supplements are designed to bring optimum results for both men and women who wish to bring their health regimes to the next level. NutriSci have utilised their scientific knowledge to develop a range of products that will change the way you live your life through exercise and nutrition.

NutriSci Whey Proteins are exclusively derived from Irish dairy sources. Protein is made of Amino Acids that control hundreds of bodily functions and help create and maintain muscle mass. Every time you exercise or move, muscle fibres are broken down and the body’s natural response is to rebuild these fibres stronger and larger, for this to happen you need a good source of protein – such as NutriSci Whey Protein or NutriSci Recovery. This is as important for a gym goer, golfer, walker or athlete.

Daily protein requirements vary for every individual, for example daily requirements for an adult male are up to 56gm per day and up to 46gm for females, more if breast feeding or recuperating from injury. If participating in sport, daily protein requirements are increased to up to 100/130gm on days working with weights or up to 80/100gm on cardio days. Each scoop of NutriSci Whey Protein provides 24gm of protein.

The full range of NutriSci products include:

  • Whey Protein
  • Recovery
  • Creatine
  • Gainer
  • Pre-Workout

The optimum window to take protein based supplements is up to 60 minutes after activity or other key times include upon waking, pre-workout or just before going to bed.

The entire NutriSci product range has been developed to:

High Quality Product
100% Irish Whey Protein

Improves Performance
Builds lean muscle

Improves Recovery
Muscle repair & rehydration

Helps Achieve Lifestyle Goals
Weight, recuperation & energy

Competitive Price
Made in Ireland

Tried & Tested
By athletes & non athletes alike