June 20, 2019

FOREGOLF – Building Better Golfers

Imagine standing at the first tee box and taking out your driver.  Except this time the difference is – this driver has been custom built for you.  The head and the shaft have been chosen at a component level to build a golf club that is matched to your swing.  Oh, and so are rest of the clubs in your bag.

ForeGolf custom fit and then hand build clubs that promise to make you a better golfer.  At their facility in Dunsany, Co Meath, Ireland you are taken through a custom fitting analysis using 11 different brands.  All the major golf companies are represented and with adapted heads that allow for a shaft to be screwed into the head to allow for instant testing from brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Nike, Titleist, PING, Cobra, Wilson and PXG.


In doing this they collect results of the best performing clubs while analyzing the precise measurements of how the club should be made for you.  ForeGolf can help every type of golfers, swing, strength and ability.

Following the custom fitting analysis there is a 9 step process in the Workshop were your clubs are hand built with zero tolerance.  It is this zero tolerance that ensures that every element of the club is hand built to suit you and your swing (whatever the level) and each club is perfectly weight matched for swing weight (or balance weight) throughout the whole set.



The team who build your clubs are some of the most experienced and have worked with Golfsmith UK, PING, Cleveland  and Callaway in the USA.  They have been crowned Irish and European Clubmaker of the Year and in 2010 were voted Best in the World at what they do by the Golf Clubmakers Association.  Their expertise and knowledge is unrivaled.

ForeGolf have a mountain of customer success stories and are very proud of their reputation.  They will work with you to ensure you get the clubs you need and the job isn’t done until you are happy.  That said, as one of their customers shared, it just took ForeGolf and a little patience.


The Long Game Academy

Killeen Castle


Co. Meath

+353(0)1 9060147